2014-2019 Facts

MRIM contributed to production of scientific knowledge through 25 journal articles and two books. The most significant articles were related to a multi-branch neural net architecture (ensemble learning with joint training, in Neurocomputing), to the use of formal logic for modeling information retrieval (ACM Computing Surveys), to an hybrid query expansion model for text and micro-blog information retrieval (Information Retrieval Journal), to a system architecture for heterogeneous moving-object trajectory meta-model using generic sensors (IEEE Systems Journal), to a study of a dynamic network model for smart city data-loss resilience (IEEE Access), and to the organization of the semantic indexing task at TRECVid during six years (invited paper in ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications).

MRIM contributed to the formation through research of PhD (14 defended over the period) and Master (over 30 defended during the period) students. Several PhDs were co-supervised with professors from foreign universities.

MRIM co-organized, jointly with the AMA team, the 2018 edition of the European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR). This conference is ranked A in the Core classification and gathered 250 participants. We also organized the 2014 edition of the Autumn School on Information Retrieval and its Applications (EARIA). MRIM members are members of the organizing committee of ACM SIGIR 2020 Conference (Paris). This conference is ranked A*, and gathered 800 to 1000 participants.

MRIM released or contributed to the release of several data collections: TRECVID Semantic Indexing (INS, 2010-2015) and Ad hoc Video Search (AVS, 2016-2021), CLICIDE, GUIMUTEIC, CLEF eHealth 2014-2018 and CLEF CMC 2016-2017.

Regarding industrial transfer, MRIM sold an Image Indexing System to the GlobeVIP company.

Ethiopia is an emerging country that have decided to start a local PhD and research program. The goal of University of Addis-Ababa is to start a local PhD graduation. For this reason, MRIM has been involved in this new scientific program. More precisely, we are in charge of the course “Information Retrieval Agent” for the Master in Computer Science of this University. We have also participated to the first local PhD Graduation in Computer Science in the track of Natural Language Processing.

Foreign visiting scientists (15)

  • Pr Saleh Basalamah, UQU University, KSA
  • Pr. Nopasit Chokpitak, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
  • Pr. Fabio Crestani, University of Lugano, Switzerland
  • Pr. Marlon Dumas, University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Dr Chris Greer, NIST, USA
  • Dr Edouard Griffor, NIST, USA
  • Pr. Chiraz Latiri, U. La Manouba, Tunisia
  • Dr Francisco Lopez Orozco, de l’université Autonome de Cuidad Juarez, Mexico
  • Dr Teresa Lynn, ADAPT Research Centre, Dublin City University
  • Dr Mend-Amar Majig, University of Mongolia, Mongolia
  • Dr Ram Sriram, NIST, USA
  • Dr Pradorn Sureephong, Chiang Mai UNiversity, Thailand
  • Dr. Kian Lam Tan, Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia
  • Dr. Chiraz Trabelsi, ISAMM, Tunisia
  • Dr Santichai Wicha, ChiangRai University, Thailand
  • Dr. Guido Zuccon, Queensland University of Technology, Australia